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Complete beard care set by GØLD’s

It all starts with the right cleaning.

GØLD’s Clean is a super-greasy soap that gives you an excellent conditioning effect directly during your beard wash. The contained clay absorbs all the dirt from your skin pores and ensures a proper cleaning of your skin, your beard and your entire body. By a fast and rapid foaming, this soap is very durable and even ideal as shaving soap.

This is followed by care for the beard

with GØLD’s Beard Oil Protect. This is probably the most important product for every beard, as it provides the skin with sufficient moisture. Especially in the cold season, the skin dries quickly, itching occurs and quickly form dander. With the daily application of this beard care oil your beard and especially your skin underneath is protected and supplied. In addition, your beard will be softer than ever.

And finally the styling.

During the growth phase and also with a handsome full beard, everyone who has ever been in the situation was the problem that unruly whiskers in each direction make themselves independent. GØLD’s Beard Control uses ingredients that harden on contact with oxygen, so you can form your beard properly, without your whiskers sticking together and feeling uncomfortable. You have a loose grip all day, so you can put on a well-groomed beard in every situation.

Normal price: 73 CHF | Special price 55 CHF

Complete beard care set – Only in our store       !!!Only while stocks last!!!

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