The first Barbershop in Zurich

Zurichs Finest Barbers is the Team next to Engels Enmanuel Rodriguez and Joel Blattner. The both often certified Barbers lead the oldest and with that first ever existing Barbershop in Zurich.

First in the 1960‘s has Robert Rosenberger cutted hairs in the Mens Salon located at the Stampfenbachstrasse 14 in Zurich Central.

With Original furniture out of the 50‘s we can still keep up the original Style of these Times. It always been a place full of calming down while gettong your Hair cutted and you’re Beard trimmed with the highest precision and the best quality.

A scruffy Beard disturbs even the coolest Men | A Barbershop is a place we Men visit to get our Haircut oder get a nice Beard trimm.

A Barber know how to take care of your Hair. He‘s an interesting Personality with wome good old stories.

Some say that : You‘ll never really lived until the experience of getting a straight razor shave in a traditional Barbershop“.

It is a special Moment for a Dad and Son, it keeps up the Bond. We Men need some traditions witch keeps us together. This feeling you get when you step out, see yourself in a Mirror, you just feel amazing.

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