The first Barbershop in Zurich

Zürich’s “Finest Barbers” is the team around Engels Enmanuel Rodriguez and Joel Blattner. The two award-winning barbers lead the oldest, and in fact the first ever, barbershop in Zürich.

In the beginning — in the 1960s — Robert Rosenberger started cutting hair in the men’s salon located at Stampfenbachstrasse 14 in Zürich Central.

With the original furniture out of the 50s we maintain the classic style of these original times. Finest Barbers has always been a place for calming down while getting your haircut or your beard trimmed with the highest precision and the best quality.

We are now also offering our first-class service at your home.

Our best barbers come to your home and carry out the service you require in your familiar surroundings.

Just write us an email to and tell us where you live and what service we can carry out for you at home.

You will then receive a personal offer and an appointment proposal from us.

Our @ home service includes the desired service, all materials and the cleaning of our workplace at your location, including arrival and departure.

An unkempt beard disfigures even handsome men! | A barbershop is a place that men visit to have their hair or beard cut and groomed.

A barber knows how to cut a man’s hair. He is an interesting personality who knows good stories.

Some men say: “You never lived if you never had the experience of a big shave in a barber shop.”

Visiting a barber is a great experience that fathers and their sons should experience. Men need traditions that connect them. Whenever you leave the Barber Shop after a shave and haircut, you feel proud to be a man and enjoy it step by step.

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